Maxonian Step Challenge 2023 image

Maxonian Step Challenge 2023 Maxon Employees Around the World Join Forces to Raise 8,000 Euro for Charities.

Maxon is proud to announce that for the second year in a row Maxonians around the world came together to participate in a virtual race with a common goal: collect as many steps to reach the finish line and raise money for two charitable causes.

The Team Step Challenge allowed Maxonians to travel virtually from Washington to Montana, passing by Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho. Participants collectively logged around 41,000,000 steps and “walked” more than 28,100 kilometers.

The five-week challenge promoted awareness of the daily steps we take, as well as teamwork among the Maxon offices around the world. Our Maxonians were sharing amazing pictures of incredible landscapes where they walked, hiked, ran and pedaled.

Participants also raised 8,000 euro, which were donated to two NGOs: the German Society for Muscle Diseases, which won for the second consecutive year and supports people with neuromuscular diseases in Germany, and the German Spinal Cord Injury Foundation which promotes scientific research to improve the comprehensive treatment of spinal cord damage. Also, thanks to a collaboration with Big Team Challenge, Maxon has helped plant 21 trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

The winning team, “Maxon Motion Mob,” who arrived at the finish line almost a week before the end of the challenge, was awarded a team drawstring bag. Congratulations, Maxon Motion Mob team! #Amit Tyagi (Germany), #Betül Kocabas (Germany), #Michel Sakr (Canada), #Pedro Garcia (Spain), #Tilo Kühn (Germany), #Kirk Matsuo (US), #Jonas Pilz (Germany), #Jacob Miller (US), #Melissa Sedlmayr (US).