Maxon annonce l'acquisition d'une application mobile de sculpture en 3D image

Maxon annonce l'acquisition d'une application mobile de sculpture en 3D Forger est une application iOS populaire digne d’un logiciel de bureau qui offre une porte d’entrée dans le monde de la sculpture 3D et donne un aperçu d’un flux de production sur mobile.

Friedrichsdorf, Germany - March 1, 2021 - Today, Maxon announced that it has completed the acquisition of Forger, a 3D digital sculpting and texture painting app for iOS. Designed over a decade ago by Javier Edo Meseguer, Forger delivers a professional-level sculpting workfow on mobile devices.

Forger has an intuitive touchscreen interface and a comprehensive collection of brushes and sculpting tools. Powerful remeshing algorithms along with masking and layer overlay capabilities make sculpting at a professional level on a mobile device a reality. The ability to import / export OBJ and Alembic file formats further facilitates exchanges between mobile devices and desktop computers.

"We are always looking for ways to expand the freedom and creative capacities of our artistic community. We love the fun and immediacy that Forger's tools on the iPad offer for sculpting and painting. We look forward to discovering what it can do more for our users, ”said David McGavran, CEO. "Javier is a recognized programmer who has dedicated himself to developing tools that expand and improve the daily needs of artists, and we are delighted to have him join the Maxon team."

Forger supports all iOS devices (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch), but it will take advantage of the extra workspace found in larger devices, as well as all the performance benefits that bring the iPad Pro (s). It is also compatible with Apple Pencil.

Forger creator Javier Edo, who took his classes creating visual effects and production tools for special effects companies recognized and awarded for blockbuster movies, commercials and TV shows, will become a permanent member of the Maxon family.

Forger is currently available for 10.99 euros on the Apple App Store .