Maxon dévoile une nouvelle identité d'entreprise image

Maxon dévoile une nouvelle identité d'entreprise Un logo iconique qui symbolise l'union des équipes de Maxon, Red Giant et Redshift

Friedrichsdorf, Germany - April 13, 2021 - After more than 20 years, Maxon has unveiled a new visual identity. This change follows the completion of the integration of Maxon global in 2018, the acquisition of Redshift in 2019 and the merger with Red Giant in 2020. Leo Hageman, Senior Brand Manager, designed the logo under the leadership from Maxon's executive team.

“After bringing together the teams from Maxon, Redshift and Red Giant, we felt it was important to give Maxon a new face,” said CEO David McGavran. This new logo is an important part of that identity. We wanted something that embodies the unity of our product lines, our team of enthusiasts and our shared goal of empowering creatives. "

Once the logo was finalized and saved, Maxon enlisted the talents of Toronto-based animation and design studio Tendril , who brought the logo to life in a 15-second animation, as well as a shorter version of 3. seconds. “We wanted something modern, a stand-alone brand that suggests both dimensionality and unity,” says Hageman.

Relying mainly on Cinema 4D and Redshift, Tendril created several different animations of the cube that fit together in various ways. “It's always difficult to represent a 2D logo in a three-dimensional world, which is why we explored this issue a lot with Maxon to make sure we are taking the logo back the right way,” said Rita Louro, Director artistic tendril.

The final version uses lighting and textures to balance technology with the human touch as each piece of the cube moves smoothly into place. “It really came down to connecting everything together in a soft way and, because it was a reveal, we used darkness and light to add some mystery,” said Tendril Creative Director Nidia Dias. “Ultimately, it's something that can stand the test of time, and it was a really fun project to work on too.”

Join Maxon for its 3D and Motion Design Show on April 13, 2021 to April 15, 2021 to find out more about Maxon's new corporate identity and enjoy presentations by our latest lineup of noteworthy creative directors, motion designer and animation directors.