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Import, integrate and render CINEMA 4D scenes inside Adobe After Effects CC.

With MAXON CINEWARE in the new After Effects CC your compositing workflow will be catapulted into a new dimension. Not only can you import native CINEMA 4D scenes as assets in After Effects CC but you can also utilize CINEMA 4D’s powerful multi-pass workflow as layers to achieve your vision.

CINEWARE, MAXON’s revolutionary new tool in After Effects CC, offers a wide range of possibilities for you to speed up your workflow and let you work more independently. Easily select individual layers and objects directly in your CINEMA 4D scene and fine-tune them. Your 3D workflow has never been easier.

for CINEMA 4D Users

for After Effects Users


So many file formats – so little stress.

Your workflow just flows. Use CINEWARE to open native CINEMA 4D files in Adobe After Effects CC. Add 3D content to your composition as layers and edit individual CINEMA 4D scene elements such as cameras, layers, Null objects and lights directly in After Effects CC. CINEMA 4D’s comprehensive import options let you use 3D objects in many common exchange formats such as Alembic, COLLADA, OBJ, FBX and more. Use CINEWARE to create new CINEMA 4D scenes directly in After Effects CC and – with a little practice – create your own 3D elements!

If you don't yet own a full CINEMA 4D license: CINEMA 4D Lite is included in Adobe After Effects CC and offers all important basic functions, which let you create your own 3D content.


Totally real: reflections, refractions, global illumination

CINEMA 4D’s standard renderer CINERENDER is completely integrated into Adobe After Effects CC, which means you can create photorealistic renderings directly in the After Effects CC viewport! You can adjust the render quality yourself and you have complete control over the balance between image quality and performance. CINERENDER’s seamless integration lets you render scenes in After Effects CC with real reflections, ambient occlusion and global illumination. CINEMA 4D’s render settings will automatically be applied.


Simultaneous. Immediate.

Whether you modify textures, move objects, change an animation or add lights and Null objects – all changes made to a CINEMA 4D scene will, when saved, automatically be updated in After Effects CC. No more exporting, converting and importing into After Effects CC is required. The new CINEWARE live 3D workflow makes work easier and saves time – time you can invest in your creativity!


You determine what’s rendered and when.

In CINEWARE you can choose which layer or passes you want to use for compositing in After Effects CC. Use 3D content multiple times in a composition and use layers to create various setups. Define whether you want to render in passes and which passes you want to use directly in After Effects CC. Define the transfer mode for individual passes – just as you have always done with Adobe After Effects CC and Photoshop – and enjoy complete control of render results. If you’re working in a team and you forget to make a pass available in CINEMA 4D, compositing artists can easily correct this with a click of the mouse thanks to CINEWARE. All of this without leaving After Effects CC!


CINEWARE lets you do more with your After Effects CC cameras.

Import all cameras in your CINEMA 4D scene into After Effects CC. Use each camera in your composition. Use the CINEMA 4D cameras’ parameters, adapt them to the After Effects CC coordinate system and continue to use them as if they had been created in After Effects CC. Lights imported with your CINEMA 4D scene can also be converted to native After Effects CC light sources and subsequently edited. Change and/or animate parameters such as light intensity, color, falloff, radius, shadow casting and more using familiar After Effects CC settings.


You grow with your challenges. CINEMA 4D grows with you.


In addition to CINEWARE, the new After Effects CC release also includes CINEMA 4D Lite, which offers a comprehensive set of basic CINEMA 4D functions that are perfect for taking the first steps into the world of real 3D.

Create geometric primitives and edit them at point, edge or polygon level. Use the Spline tools to create Bezier curves and use the Text tool to create title sequences, logos and more. Add surface properties and textures to your models, add lights and animate your ideas.

Upgrade to CINEMA 4D Broadcast or Studio – the 1st choice for many leading motion graphics designers worldwide – to access the full power of CINEMA 4D and add even more flexibility to your work. To get a taste of the full range of CINEMA 4D features, download a 42-day trial version of CINEMA 4D Studio for free and discover the breathtaking possibilities CINEMA 4D has to offer.