A Good Hair Day for Cinema 4D Users

Cinema 4D Studio's Hair feature can be used to create hair, fur, feathers and more!

Breathtakingly fast and a toolset with an intuitive interface, unlimited styling options and dynamic animation. Hair offers realistic render quality and does so with minimum memory use. Even a computer with an average configuration can be used to grow and style millions of hairs!

Add Hair and Style

 Hair can be applied to an entire object, a polygon selection or to a texture for a precise dispersion of follicles. Hair has all the tools you need to create any style. The effect of tools and functions can also be restricted to selected regions for even better fine-tuning. Numerous options and in intuitive interface with real-time feedback make it easy for you to create just about any hairstyle.



Hair Materials

 Real fur and hair have very individual properties. Cinema 4D's Hair features 18 of its own material channels, which let you define exactly how your hair should look. In addition to the numerous tools that are available for styling hair, materials can be used to add color, frizz, sheen or whatever other characteristic you need.



Hair Dynamics

Cinema 4D offers realistic dynamics effects that can be used to bring your hair to life. Forces such as gravity, wind or turbulence can also be made to affect the hair and create great-looking effects no matter what the weather…