Advanced Character Animation

Character animators and riggers alike need easy-to-use and reliable tools to help them create life-like characters. In addition to the functions contained in CINEMA 4D Prime, CINEMA 4D Studio offers numerous additional features that make professional character animation even easier!

The New Character Object

The Character object lets you easily build a rig for any character based on expertly-crafted preset templates for bipeds, quadrupeds, fish and more. Automatic mirroring lets you build and adjust rigs symmetrically. Once you’ve adjusted the rig to your character, simply drag the mesh onto the Character object to automatically weight and bind the mesh to the rig. After completing this simple process you’ll have easy access to all Character object controllers and your character is ready to come to life.

Walk Cycles with CMotion

Your characters will really strut their stuff with the parametric walk system CMotion. With just a few clicks you can apply a preset walk to your Character object rig. Apply a Spline curve to almost any parameter to fine-tune the motion. Characters can walk along a line or automatically follow the path of a Spline object, staying aligned to the direction of travel and even interacting with the underlying surface. Custom step objects provide even more control so that every footstep is a step in the right direction.

Character Component

The Character Component can be used by technical directors, for example, to define objects or hierarchies of a rig as components. Those components can then be packed into a template and be used by artists to easily create their objects using the Character object. All the power of CINEMA 4D's tools, including Python scripts, can be used to define these components.

If you don't do character animation you can use use the Character Component feature to build templates for road systems, pipeline creators and more. Use your creativity to decide what to build with this powerful tool.

Pose Morph

Pose Morph lets you mix various types of animation data, including rotations of entire joint hierarchies or various facial expressions. You can also mix joint and vertex data, parameters, User Data, UVW or vertex maps.

Visual Selector

The Visual Selector gives you precise control over your character using hotspots. An image of the figure to be animated can be loaded as a background image and the objects are assigned corresponding symbols which are arranged on the tool's display surface. If an object is selected in the Visual Selector, it will automatically be selected in the scene.

The Visual Selector makes it easier to work with rigs containing hundreds of objects and animators can start animating right away!

Animation Made Easy!

CINEMA 4D Studio offers a wide range of advanced character animation tools that make character animation that much easier. For example, the Quaternion tag, Cappuccino for recording mouse movement as position data, and Auto Redraw for creating dynamic IK setups.