Let There be Light

Cinema 4D offers a complete array of gaffer's tools so you can make your scene outshine the competition.

Cinema 4D's extraordinarily powerful lighting system lets you adjust color, brightness, falloff and other properties. You can change density and color of each light's shadows, create visible or volumetric lights.

You can also assign an Area Light any shape in order to give your Project optimal lighting. Lights offer settings such as contrast, lens reflexes, shadow color, volumetric light and noise and many others.

Global Illumination

Achieve greater realism with Global Illumination, which provides a more accurate representation of scene lighting by taking into account light that bounces between objects. The Global Illumination engine can also utilize an HDRI-based sky for outstanding image-based illumination.

IES Lights

Many light manufacturers offer IES data for free download to realistically simulate the look of the real lighting fixtures. Brightness, color temperature, falloff and direction are already included in IES lights to produce the most realistic lighting. Cinema 4D already includes several pre-defined, ready-to-go lamps.

Sky is the Limit

Cinema 4D Studio boasts an amazing SKY tool for the easy creation of a natural surroundings, including clouds, haze, atmosphere and global positioning. And there is a collection of presets helps you quickly find the fitting atmospheric environment for your scene.


Caustic effects, like the reflection of light from the face of a watch or on the bottom of a swimming pool, are easy to create with Cinema 4D,  By accurately displaying the effects of light as it interacts with specific materials.