Go Even Farther

Cinema 4D lets you fully customize nearly everything.

From its easy-to-use node-based XPresso system to scripting with its own C.O.F.F.E.E. language or the wideley acclaimed Python language or a complete C++ SDK. It's up to you!

XPresso - The Graphical Expression Editor

Build extensive relationships and add powerful interaction to your 3D scene with XPresso, Cinema 4D's visual node-based drag & drop Expressions editor.

XPresso is a tool that artists can use to intuitively create relationships between almost any object, material or effect parameter. Variables within your expressions can be linked to sliders in the Attribute Manager to create driven-key animation or complete slider-based interfaces to your 3D scene.
Explore XPresso and discover the power of relational animation in Cinema 4D.

Your Own Scripts and Plugins

Cinema 4D offers three options for programmers to create their own functionality: programming in C.O.F.F.E.E., a proprietary programming language; Python, a standard programming language; or C++ SDK.