Maxon Labs Launching Today

A New Way of Offering Content to Cinema 4D Users

Cinema 4D is well-known for its ease of use and stability. These are two key goals that we aim to achieve with every Cinema 4D feature. Sometimes features don't make release due to the resources required to develop a given feature to the standard we require. This means we sometimes have prototypes of very useful features for Cinema 4D that don't make it into a release or are dropped altogether.To make sure that you can access these tools, we've created a new web space: Maxon Labs. Four tools are currently available and we will be adding more in the near future, ensuring that you have access to interesting new tools.The content provided is developed by Maxon and provided “as is” and free of charge. We have integrated a voting mechanism and enabled a comment section to collect your feedback. Naturally, your feedback can prove invaluable in helping us gauge how useful a tool is and how it needs to be adapted to make it even better.An idea or plugin is considered for release by the Lab if it is a niche product or too complex to offer great value to the broader Cinema 4D user base but still provides sufficient value for a sufficient number of users. Another case could be if an idea needs more testing than what is possible internally or using our beta program. In this case Maxon Labs can serve as a public beta available to all users. This can be due to an initiative from a developer that does not support our current product priorities; It could also be as the result of an idea that needs large-scale testing to understand usability or user value before being considered as a Cinema 4D feature.For Maxon Labs' launch, we are making the following available

  • Extrudifier – A Python script that adds random detail geometry to scene objects. This provides a way to quickly add interesting details and complexity to any geometry.
  • Coons patch - A plug-in with our implementation of the Coons patch; a type of parametric surface. It lets you define a mesh based on a surface defined by the 4 splines forming its edges. With it, you may create complex curved meshes with mathematical precision.

  • Team Render HTTPS - A Python plug-in enabling secure HTTPS Support for the Team Render Web server. This helps secure the web interface of a Team Render farm.

  • Team Render Notifier– A plug-in that notifies you when a team render job is done. It can notify via many channels, including your mobile phone, email, social media such as twitter, etc. This ensures that you know when your render job is finished, no matter where you are.

    Give it a shot! Visit and let us know what you think!

      Jean-François Yelle

      CEO/PDG Maxon Computer Canada inc.

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