Augmented Reality with Sketchfab’s New App

After Sketchfab's integration of Apple's ARkit in their iPhone app the Android version now also supports augmented reality. Now 3D objects can be loaded directly from the Sketchfab library and combined with real-world images to create an Augmented Reality experience!

Since iOS 11, Apple offers programmers a development environment for Augmented Reality for iPhones and iPads. With almost two million 3D models, Sketchfab is a major player for 3D content and social media and with this new iPhone App is now the world’s largest library for AR content. No programming skills are required to combine Sketchfab’s 3D models with real-world images to create mobile AR experiences. Many of the Sketchfab models were created with Cinema 4D and many more are added every day thanks to the very simple online conversion process!

Mobile AR lets users experience 3D elements in real-world environments, whether it’s walking around objects, repositioning, rotating or scaling them. Similar to Virtual Reality but without the large technical overhead.
If you ever wanted to know what it looks like when a UFO lands in your yard, this is your chance! The online conversion process is simple and the results are great fun. Professional applications such as positioning furnishings or entire buildings in a given environment can also be done.

The Sketchfab App can be downloaded at the Apple App Store.

Update Nov.10, 2017: Sketchfab's AR functionality is now also available for Android users. More information on the supported Android devices at Sketchfab.