2016 - Opportunities and Challenges

Happy New Year!

Each new year offers time for reflection on the past year and a chance to examine opportunities for the next. This past year was once again very successful for Maxon and we're enthusiastic about 2016. This year is uniquely special for Maxon - it was 30 years ago this year that my friends and co-founding partners, Harald Egel, Harald Schneider, and myself started Maxon. None of us could have imagined the remarkable journey we have taken. Most importantly, we're especially grateful to our customers and partners who have helped us to reach this exciting milestone.

We've seen the industry go through many changes during these past three decades.  As we look ahead to 2016, the industry is once again evolving and Maxon as one of the leading manufacturers will play a major role in this process. So I want to take this opportunity to provide a bit of insight into how Maxon plans to address changes to the way you, our customers, purchase and use software.
Much like Maxon, many of our customers have established subsidiaries around the globe, and have expressed a desire to manage their licenses from a central headquarters but utilize those licenses worldwide. To address this need, Maxon will be introducing a global licensing program in the coming year. For an additional cost, companies can license Cinema 4D for highly effective use distributed worldwide across their enterprise. Additionally, for those who are using the industry standard RLM license management, Maxon will offer a solution to integrate Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D licenses smoothly into their pipelines.

However, the most significant change that has come to our industry is the shift from perpetual to subscription-based licensing. While Maxon remains committed to offering a perpetual license with the security of software ownership, we also recognize that subscription models make it easier for individuals to acquire software and for larger companies to adjust licensing counts to satisfy short-term production needs. Therefore, in 2016, Maxon will be exploring new ways to offer Cinema 4D in a time-limited fashion to satisfy this demand.

Once again, I’d like to personally thank all our customers and partners. Without you, we could never have reached this exciting milestone. And, I wish you all a prosperous 2016.

Uwe Bärtels

CFO and Managing Partner