Sendero Santa Fe

DECC S.C. uses Maxon Cinema 4D to visualize a residential construction project in Santa Fe. S.C., based in Tecamachalco, Mexico, was given the job of visualizing a residential construction project in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The planned complex was geared toward middle-income families but was to offer amenities usually reserved for upper-income homebuyers.

DECC’s goal was to present this project in an entertaining style. One way they wanted to achieve this was with self-decorating apartments, which turned out to be quite a challenge to realize. The magically appearing furnishing and fixtures in the apartments were completely animated using keyframe animation. This process had to be shown in a single camera move.

A six-member team at DECC needed two months to complete the entire 7 min. 37 sec. animation. During this time, however, the project had to be set up twice. “One week after we had completed the project and had delivered the finished animations our client informed us that he had permission to include a hotel into the structure. We had less than a month’s time to build, light, decorate, animate and render all outdoor scenes,” explains Alejandro Nogueira Jiminez Pons, CEO of DECC S.C. “But we still met the deadline.”

“Cinema 4D gave us all the tools to get the job done – easily and intuitively,” he continues. The entire project was completed using Maxon Cinema 4D’s Advanced Render module, HAIR and Cinema 4D NET Render render clients.

The 3 Multi-Pass layers were composited using After Effects and Final Cut.


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