Dear User,

this window is displayed because of a conflict with your Cinema 4D license. This usually means that the license is being used more than once on the same network, which is a breach of the Maxon End User License Agreement (EULA).

Maxon permits Cinema 4D users who have a valid Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) to install their license on a second device (for example, on a desktop and  a laptop). However, the simultaneous use of both installations is not permitted.

If you forgot to quit the instance running on a second device, please do so now.

If you require additional Cinema 4D licenses, we offer attractive pricing for the purchase of additional licenses*.

Contact Maxon or your nearest reseller for details.


If you need to bridge a gap for your production needs, the STL is the perfect and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a perpetual license. You can purchase a runtime of 3 or 6 months – whichever suites your needs – and you only pay a fraction of the full version price! What’s more: if you decide to purchase a full license when your short-term license expires, Maxon will credit 75% of the fees paid for the short-term license towards the purchase of a new perpetual Cinema 4D license. Find out more here.


If you use multiple Cinema 4D licenses in your production environment, we recommend that you switch to the multi-license option (also known as a floating license), which can comfortably be administered using the Maxon Multi-License Server. Detailed information about multi-licenses is available here or in our web-based Online2-Help.

*Rebate of up to 15% for the concurrent purchase of multiple licenses. The total rebate amount can vary due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, taxes or shipping costs, depending on the country you are in.