The Maxon Service Agreement

A Successful Partnership

SIGGRAPH is just a week away, and I’m sure many of you are excited to see what’s in store for Cinema 4D. This is the busiest season for us over here at Maxon, with product announcements, major trade shows and lots of customers renewing their Maxon Service Agreement. For many studios, with Cinema 4D deeply entrenched in their production pipeline, renewal is a foregone conclusion; the MSA makes it easy to annually budget software upgrades. For smaller firms and freelancers, it’s more important to take a look at what you’re getting - and there’s a lot of value in the Maxon Service Agreement.

I don’t want to steal the thunder of the next release announcement, but we’ve already shared a bit about our efforts to transition to tomorrow’s technology - using OpenGL technology within BodyPaint 3D and integrating AMD ProRender so users can enjoy GPU rendering in a physically-based workflow.

Obviously, the biggest value of renewing your MSA is getting a perpetual license of Release 19. The financial and budgeting value speaks for itself. Depending on your region, you save as much as 35% over upgrading later. If you compare the annual cost to the monthly subscription offers out there, if broken down by the month,  the Cinema 4D MSA is half the cost of most competitive subscription models.

It’s also important to note that upgrades are about more than just new and improved features. Even if the latest release does not have the exact feature you were waiting for, every release of Cinema 4D is optimized to take advantage of the latest macOS and Windows releases. Every version includes “under the hood” work - the development team are always cleaning up code and looking for ways to optimize performance. Optimizations can also include  taking advantage of the latest CPUs and GPUs on the market, compatibility updates for improvements to file format exchanges, and the latest release of third party rendering engines or other complementary products. Every other company out there is upgrading their pipeline - you don’t want to lose a job or make a job more complicated because you cannot open a file.  

One of our goals is to add value to the MSA through our efforts on Cineversity. Cineversity provides the tutorials you need to make the most of each new Cinema 4D release, plus some incredible time-saving tools and resources.

For those of you still saving your artwork in Illustrator 8 format for import into Cinema 4D, Cineversity released CV-ArtSmart (over 5 years ago!), making it easier to import and add dimension to any Illustrator file. Do you need to match colors from a brand guide? Cineversity offers CV-SwIm to import Adobe Swatch Exchange Files. CV-ImportImage makes it easy to import hundreds of images to add as textures. Sending Cinema 4D assets to Unity is much more efficient with CV-SmartExport. These are just a few of the dozens of time-saving utilities in the CV-Toolbox. And, your Maxon Service Agreement gives you access to all of them.

And BTW, we’ve already got some great tools planned that will supplement some of the great features in the next release of Cinema 4D.

In the last year alone we’ve added 8 new tools/resources, 25 tutorial series, weekly Quicktips and over 40 presentations from the industry's top artists (recorded live at NAB and SIGGRAPH). Here are just a sampling of a few:

CV-Parametric Selection Tag: Generate polygon selection tags based on loops, symmetry, polygon direction and patterns.

CV-Splines 2.0: Parametric Outline Object and a Chamfer Objec allow you to create complex type effects using a single source spline.

HDRI Preset Packs: Two packs with a total of 12 ready-to-use HDR images dedicated to interior  and exterior image-based lighting.

The Perception Guide to FUI: Perception's award-winning team brings you a comprehensive tutorial series designed to help Cinema 4D users learn the technical aspects of creating futuristic motion graphics imagery for fictional and non-fictional use.

Advanced Packaging Design: Learn how to tackle various challenging package designs building a skill-set that will allow you to take-on any 3D packaging project.

Our success as a company is directly tied to your success as an artist, so we’re always working to provide the tools you need to succeed - improving the core Cinema 4D experience and providing utilities, education and community through Cineversity. With your partnership in the Maxon Service Agreement, you’ll be plugged in to the latest technology and the best Cinema 4D training. So I hope you’ll renew your MSA and take a look at all that Cineversity has to offer - it helps us do everything we can to help you succeed.

And we love to see you succeed.

Paul Babb

Head of Worldwide Marketing


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