Feed your imagination with 2D, 2.5D and 3D tools that make digital art much more accessible than you could ever have expected. If you can create something fantastic with a pencil, then you can do it just as quickly with ZBrush -- and in 3D.

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or enthusiast, ZBrush offers a wide range of functions to give infinite freedom to your ideas. Have you ever wished you could draw with perfect symmetry? With QuickSketch, you can! In just a few seconds you can rough out an idea before moving on to PaintStop: the advanced traditional painting extension that provides paper simulation and traditional brushes such as charcoal, gouache, watercolor and various pencils.

All of this is possible because ZBrush started as a 2D illustration software that was enhanced by a 3D rendering engine to let artists paint not simply with color but also materials and depth. Rather than laboriously painting the highlights and shadows that create the appearance of 3D, ZBrush allows you to quickly sculpt figures in 3D and then “snapshot” them to the canvas where they become actual paint. From there you are able use traditional paint brushes to detail and enhance these elements, seamlessly blending them into your illustration as a whole.

ZBrush's model-based approach gives great freedom in your work as an illustrator. Once created, 3D elements can be used, modified and reused as often as you wish – not just within the current project but also becoming part of an ever-growing library to save you time in future works. Shadows can be drawn automatically, enhancing your scene's realism with no effort. In fact, you can change the lighting at any time if you feel it's not selling the scene as you would like. What you create can look 3D or it can fool viewers into thinking that it was exactingly drawn with real-world media. The choice is yours!

ZBrush will let you experiment with freedom. Throw all your ideas onto virtual paper, switching from 2D concepts to ultra-detailed 3D models and back to digital paint without any creative restrictions. Combined with a graphics tablet, the Tool and Brush systems in ZBrush will give you everything necessary to bring your illustration out of your mind's eye with all its subtleties.

ZBrush is available with a powerful rendering engine that uses easily configurable materials that reproduce any effect you might be looking for, realistic or otherwise. From the rich softness of velvet to a comic book's cell shading, you determine the style that you wish to convey. You can also separate each object's shadows, masks and other data if you want to composite your final image in another program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Feel free to look at all the illustrations posted on our ZBrushCentral.com forum -- one of the world's largest online 3D communities. You will quickly realize how ZBrush allows you to create both the realistic and the unbelievable!

If you enjoy 2D sketching but want to go faster, quickly building volumes or shaping silhouettes, then ZBrush will give you this flexibility with DynaMesh. If you prefer more structured creation, then use ZSpheres, which when combined with ZSketch are perfect for working on proportions, dynamic movement and placing mass. You'll also be able to use pre-made mannequins for both researching ideas or as base meshes that are ready to be sculpted. In ZBrush you can work as quickly as with a simple pencil, but with the added freedoms offered by 3D elements and virtually unlimited Undo steps. It truly is the best of both worlds.

3D painting is of course part of the tool set available to you to bring colors and fine details to your illustrations. Because ZBrush is dedicated to artists, its PolyPainting technology gives you the freedom to paint directly on your model without first creating UV's. In fact, you can avoid UV mapping entirely if you wish! Other features like SpotLight not only bring the ability to projection paint from your library of textures but also to make image modifications without the need for an external editor.

The final step will be to render your image to add believable shadows, complete with ambient occlusion or the effect of skin translucency. You can create final images that look as real as any photograph, have the appearance of a cartoon or are even stylized. ZBrush is as comfortable with photorealism as it is with the effects of cell-shading and edge outlines. What you create is also easily composited and modified in post-production using BPR filters.