Fairytale Castle 2.0

For architects it can be difficult to demonstrate one’s abilities to clients. Drawings and models are one possibility – a film in which a virtual structure plays the leading role, another.

Juan Gayarre from Gayarre Infografia is an architect with heart and soul. However, in this profession it can be an even bigger challenge finding clients for projects than it is to realize these projects. Therefore, one of the most important things for architects to do is self-promotion.

3D graphics are replacing increasingly more drawings and models in architectural visualizations.Gayarre Infografia also uses 3D graphics, which it creates using Maxon Cinema 4D. Together with is team, Gayarre planned the short film “Alone” for promotional purposes, but wanted to take it a step further and create more than just a series of photorealistic still images – he wanted to create a complete short film.

Gayarre and his team selected plans for a dream house and began to create a detailed textured model of it. After the model had been completed, the team began creating a scene after scene in Cinema 4D, which went beyond merely depicting the house and practically explored it.

Impressive camera movement is accompanied by calm piano music. The film reveals a luxurious residence with spacious rooms and glides across a terrace with swimming pool and through a narrow study with a high, bright ceiling. Here and there an occupant can be seen, sitting on the terrace, relaxing on the sofa or engulfed in a magazine in the study. This person is Juan Gayarre himself, whose live footage was integrated seamlessly into the virtual settings. In the film, the day passes and the house is shown from the cool morning setting through a marvelous sunny day and into a relaxing evening. The lights are turned on and a completely new atmosphere is created.

Architectural visualizations are often dry and lack enthralling imagery. Gayarre Infografia’s “Alone” is in a league of its own. The building is the protagonist and the technically perfect realization in Cinema 4D gives it an almost magical character. In any case, the film has used high-end architecture to successfully create a sensual visual experience for the viewer. The great amount of work required for this project is reflected in its five-month production time.

The scenes made use of almost all major Cinema 4D features and polygon counts ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 did their part in pushing the computers to their limits. Not only do the numerous positive comments on YouTube prove that “Alone” was well worth the effort – it was also nominated for the 2013 Architects Award in the category “Non-commissioned”. Asked what he thinks could be improved in hindsight, Juan Gayarre answers: “We would have liked to book a more attractive model to walk around the house but due to our limited budget we had to make to with me …

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