The Fields of Your Dreams

Create elaborate effects like never before

Falloffs are one of the most powerful aspects of Cinema 4D and the MoGraph feature set, making it easy to adjust an effect based on simple shapes. Fields allow you to layer those shapes, link them to multiple effects, and so much more. It’s a whole new world of possibilities.

Play to Your Strengths

Fields define the strength of an effect, whether it’s a MoGraph Effector, a Deformer, a Vertex Map or Selection tag. Many different types of fields offer many ways to define that strength - from simple shapes to shaders or sounds, to objects and formulas. Layer Fields on top of each other with standard mixing modes and remap their effects. Group multiple Fields and use them to add all sorts of effects.


Control MoGraph clones in new and amazing ways now that falloffs can be stacked, blended and linked to multiple Effectors. Fields can also define color and direction via Effectors.


Whether you’re using Deformers for modeling or for animation, you can take full control using Fields to adjust the deformation strength.


Use simple field shapes, 3D noise and shaders to define volumes or to selectively smooth and reshape volumes.


Modify selection sets, Vertex Maps and vertex Colors parametrically using the power of Fields.

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Play the Field

There are a ton of fields for every purpose but the best thing you can do is just play. In the meantime, here’s a few of our favorites.

Field Objects

These fields have their own object because their position is important. This includes all of the ‘shape’ falloffs plus a few more.

Radial Field

Create radial pie and pinwheel effects based on a start and end angle, iterations and offset.

Sound Field

Define strength based on the amplitude of sound at specific frequencies.

Random Field

Use any of C4D’s procedural noises to layer random strengths or use it to define a 3D Volume.

Field Layers

Field Layers generally link to objects or tags that already exist in your scene - whether splines, particles or volumes.

Spline Object

Affect elements inside, outside, near or along a spline.

Variable Tag

Use a Vertex Map to control the strength of effects.

Point Object

In addition to creating a falloff around an object’s points, you can use its surface or volume.

Field Modifiers

The adjustment layers of Fields - these can be placed in the layer stack to adjust the values from everything underneath.


Create effects that gradually decay, or even ones that never return to their original state.


Posterize values to create stepped effects.


Store the current values and blur or grow effects.

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An Easy Transition

Fields offers so much power you’ll want to jump in right away but we want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Many classic MoGraph Effectors (Formula, Shader, Step, Sound and Volume) basically just define a strength, so they make more sense as fields - and you can layer them. They’re still available as Effectors as well for compatibility with existing setups and workflows. Any falloffs in old scene files will continue to work as before in an emulation mode but can be converted to fields with a single click.