Cinema 4D Release 18 includes powerful new tools for cutting objects and key modeling features for game development and exchange with other applications.

New Knife Tools

It slices, it dices

Cinema 4D Release 18 truly is a cut above the rest, with all-new interactive knife tools. The new Line Cut tool lets you draw cuts across one or even multiple objects and tweak them on-the-fly with an interactive preview. You can then lock in new edges, remove parts or split objects based on the cuts you made. With the new Plane Cut tool you can create new edges using the Local, World or Camera axes, or draw a line to define the plane and adjust the position and rotation of the cut numerically or with a viewport manipulator. The Loop/Path Cut tool creates symmetrical loops or paths based on a proportional or absolute distance to the surrounding edges, and preserves curvature when creating new edges. All three new tools are available as separate commands so you can easily access the desired mode via shortcut or Commander.



Release 18 features an optimized raycast algorithm for baking sculpted elements as displacements and normal maps - making it possible to animate simple geometry and render highly detailed characters.

Baked Object

Sculpt Detail 1


Sculpt Detail 2

Set UVW 
from projection

With the Set UVW from Projection tool you can quickly create and update UV coordinates for multiple objects and even entire hierarchies based on common projections.