Graphic Workflow

Adobe Photoshop®

Cinema 4D's utilization of Adobe Photoshop files (PSD) features support for multi-layer texture maps and multi-layer rendering. Additionally, you can seamlessly import and tweak 3D geometry, lights, cameras, and materials from Cinema 4D directly in Photoshop's interface.

  • Apply one, selected or all layers when using PSD files as textures
  • Render multi-pass PSD with channels as layers, including nested light layers (separate diffuse, shadow, specular)
  • Open and manipulate C4D geometry and textures directly within Photoshop and easily make composition adjustments

Adobe Illustrator®

Cinema 4D makes it easy to bring your illustrator designs into another dimension.

  • Import Illustrator files into Cinema 4D
  • Export vector lines via Sketch and Toon, including animation (frames to AI layers)
  • Copy/Paste Cinema 4D and Illustrator paths with Cineversity ArtSmart's seamless workflow tools

With a community of over half a million 3D creators, Sketchfab is one of the leading platforms to publish your 3D files online. The Sketchfab 3D player can be embedded anywhere online, with native support on Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Behance, Reddit... Sketchfab supports animations, PBR, 3D annotations, multiple materials, advanced lighting, and even offers a VR mode to view your creations in virtual reality. It's a free service with unlimited uploads.

The free Sketchfab plug-in for Cinema 4D lets you upload 3D objects and animations directly from Cinema 4D to the Sketchfab platform.