Winds of Change

In July 2018, Maxon began a new journey. It has been a very exciting one so far. With one vision in mind – to focus even more on customer needs – we started making changes within the company. Our incredible team, which is not just passionate about 3D but also how our customers use the software, have accepted the challenges ahead.

We decided to grow the product management team to a total of four people. Why? Simple, so we can expand our focus beyond just Cinema 4D and improve how we incorporate customer feedback while maintaining the overall vision of the software. A bigger team also enables us to tackle the challenges of servicing specific market needs, explore new technologies and platforms, and even consider new products. Our flagship product has always been Cinema 4D but there is always industry demand for new tools and for great technology.

We’re also interested in User Experience feedback. We have received widespread recognition and acclaim that Cinema 4D is easy to use – the easiest of the 3D packages on the market. But we think we can do even better. And our UX team thinks so too. There have been lots of changes to this team as well and the outcome couldn’t be any better. With a clear focus, the team is challenging itself to build a greater user experience for Cinema 4D.

We’ve already gotten some great ideas and feedback from the community. Obviously, it’s way too early to share results, but our teams are working hard and fast to validate the great ideas that we have gotten from artists, partners and employees. Of course, we can always use more. That’s why I’d like to encourage you to reach out to share your thoughts and comments. Where would you like to see Maxon go? What are your hopes for Cinema 4D in the future? And yes, we are interested to know what you don’t like about our products as well. The only way we can learn and grow is from not only your praise that inspires, but constructive criticism that challenges. Please use our suggestions form to share your thoughts with us. 

We believe our community is a key element to shape the future of Maxon and our products. We look to you as a partner more than a customer. 


Oliver Meiseberg

Oliver Meiseberg

Chief Product Officer

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