Cinema 4D Demo - all versions

This archive contains a demo of all Cinema 4D versions (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio) and BodyPaint 3D.

This demo includes

  • almost all of the full functionality* of the commercial versions
  • no time limit
  • the option of switching between Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio whenever you want

Activate the demo and use all saving features for 42 days

After you start the Cinema 4D demo you can optionally activate it and use the following features for 42 days:

  • Save and export your projects
  • Create and save textures in 3D painting mode
  • Save rendered images and animations
  • Save compositing files (incl. Multi-Pass renderings)

Get started fast: Download the demo version and grab the official starter tutorial at to get a flying start with Cinema 4D! The English-language video series offers a comprehensive and easy to understand introduction - from the user interface to modeling basics, lighting, materials and animation.

Important note: Activate the demo version only from the computer on which you intend to use the Cinema 4D demo version for the duration of the trial period. The activation code will only work on the computer from which the demo version has been activated. An activation is non-transferrable.


Download Cinema 4D R20 (Windows)   Download Cinema R20 (OSX)


*Limitations of the demo version:

  • Watermark
  • No network rendering
  • Due to technical limitations, the quality of the ProRender display in the Viewport is restricted to 25 iterations
  • Limited number of assets in demo libraries (libraries contain hundreds of objects in the full commercial version)
  • The demo version is not upgradeable to a full commercial version
  • The demo version is intended for evaluation purposes only. Any commercial use of the demo version, e.g. for training purposes, is not allowed.