Qualified Training Partners

Whether you're a beginner or a professional user, Maxon's qualified partners offer
training courses that let you get the most out of Maxon products!

Maxon training partners have the right program for just about any need, all with high didactic standards, ranging from easy to understand basic training for beginners to specialized training for complex workflows and techniques for advanced users.

In addition to Maxon-certified 3-day intensive training, our partners also offer long-term training and educational programs, also in conjunction with other products or topics. Some also offer government-certified degrees.

To make it easier for participants to choose the training that's right for them we have introduced various authorization categories. Which training is offered by which partner can be seen in the category description, and our Locator can be used to locate your nearest Maxon partner.

Maxon Authorized Training Center (ATC)

Here you will receive certified training developed exclusively by Maxon that offers practically oriented short-term training for basic professional skills development or in-depth training in specific areas of specialization.

The quality and type of instruction at Maxon Authorized Training Center (ATC) partners are constantly monitored by our staff and by local partners. Authorized Training Centers are held to the highest standards, which means that you can expect outstanding standards for training, facilities and service at all ATCs worldwide. The courses offered by ATCs are developed by Maxon hand-in-hand with internationally renowned trainers and authors and are updated regularly. Instruction at ATCs is conducted exclusively by Maxon Certified Instructors (CI).

Maxon Training Provider (TP)

Maxon Training Providers are partners authorized by Maxon to offer in-house Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D training. These courses differ from Maxon Certified Training in length and skill level. All content is reviewed by Maxon and meets the required quality standards. Maxon TPs are ideal partners for training programs above and beyond our certified training courses. All training materials that include the use of Maxon products have been approved by Maxon. TP trainers must demonstrate their skills and ability to instruct courses offered by Maxon TPs on a regular basis.

In addition to monitoring the skills and abilities of trainers, Maxon also regularly monitors the quality of service and facilities of the Maxon Training Partners to ensure high standards for all trainees.

Maxon Certified Instructor (CI)

Maxon Certified Instructors - Cinema 4D trainers with extensive production experience. Training that‘s tailored to your needs and offer a high degree of know-how and flexibility. Generally working as freelance trainers with a high degree of professional proficiency and didactic skills.

Maxon Certified Instructors are the ideal partners for clients looking for tailored training solutions or wanting to train on-site in their familiar production environment.


A high global standard at all Authorized Training Center (ATC) partner locations

Maxon Certified Training is offered exclusively by our Authorized Training Center (ATC) partners and may only be conducted by Maxon Certified Instructors.

The Maxon Certified BASIC Training offers the ideal introduction to working professionally with Maxon products. The Maxon Certified QUICKSTART Training offers experienced users the possibility of learning more about specific product features and how to get the most out of them in their production pipelines.

The Perfect Introduction

This training offers a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to Cinema 4D basics, which lets you quickly and easily get started with Cinema 4D. Whether you're an absolute beginner in the field of 3D visualization and animation or if you're switching from another product to Cinema 4D, the Maxon Certified BASIC Training lets you get up and running in a short time and will show you how to use Cinema 4D effectively to bring your imagination to life.

All workflows and techniques needed to get started with Cinema 4D are discussed and demonstrated in this course. Instructional content is based on extensive teaching experience by numerous Cinema 4D trainers and recognized authors.

Prerequisite: Previous 3D experience is helpful but not required.

Possible certification: 
Maxon Certificate BASIC

This QUICKSTART Training covers Cinema 4D's Dynamics functions. Dynamics are used for various purposes in almost all aspects of 3D animation. Since these functions are used to simulate physical coherences, there is almost no limit to the way in which these settings can be combined! Whether you want to create realistic-looking grass for an architectural visualization or dynamic effects for motion graphics projects, simulations offer a wide range of possibilities for achieving these goals and for simplifying your workflow.

The high degree of flexibility requires the user to select the right tools and settings. The wide range of possible settings often proves to be overwhelming for those without the necessary know-how.

During training, course participants will be introduced to a wide variety of practical exercises on how to use and adjust simulation functions in Cinema 4D for several areas of application.

Prerequisite: Skilled Cinema 4D user. Solid polygon modeling and animation skills.

Possible certification: Maxon Certificate SIMULATION

Perfectly choreographed graphics

The combination of animated typography and graphic elements is indispensible for adverts and title sequences. An entire motion design industry had evolved to meet the global demand. 3D animation is an important part of motion graphics productions and Cinema 4D’s powerful and versatile MoGraph toolset makes it the tool of choice for creating animated elements of all types for advertising, broadcast and film.

This Quickstart training not only shows you how to use Cinema 4D’s standard motion design tools but also demonstrates numerous fundamental practical and conceptual techniques needed to quickly achieve outstanding results. A variety of practical exercises guide you through the conceptual process of motion design and continue through to creating style frames and creating a final motion graphics film.

Pre-requisite: Solid fundamental Cinema 4D skills
Possible certification:
  Maxon Certificate MOTION DESIGN

Skillful shading, proficient use of light and efficient render settings are crucial parts of 3D visualization, and sound knowledge about these areas is the key to convincing results. This training is dedicated to the professional handling of surface characteristics, lighting and rendering possibilities in Cinema 4D. Focal points of the training are the analysis and reproduction of natural lighting situations with manual methods as well as creating convincing shading solutions. Techniques for efficient rendering, automated lighting and practical tips are also part of the course.

The course aims at 3D artists, graphic designers and architects with basic Cinema 4D skills who want to fortify and expand their knowledge about surfaces, lighting and rendering in Cinema 4D to achieve even better results.

After completing the training, participants should be able to create realistically looking stills and animations.

Prerequisites: Sound understanding of Cinema 4D’s working principles
Possible certification:

Cinema 4D offers a comprehensive set of functions for professional use right out of the box. Cinema 4D's functions can be enhanced, automated and controlled by using custom scripts and Expressions.

The use of scripts is almost a must when creating simulations or motion design projects in order to get the most out of Cinema 4D.

Users for whom these powerful tools are to difficult to master will benefit from the Script & Expressions course, which is not designed as a programming course, and offers a solid introduction to scripts and expressions.

Prerequisite: Solid basic Cinema 4D skills, basic understanding of vectors and matrices

Possible certification: Maxon Certificate SCRIPTING & EXPRESSIONS

Cinema 4D offers numerous possibilities for creating impressive and effective architectural and landscape visualizations - and this course teaches you how. Impressive visualizations not only require good texturing and lighting skills but also the ability to correctly position imported CAD files in front of a background image and which Cinema 4D tools should be used to achieve a convincing, photo-realistic result.

The Architectural Visualization course covers basic techniques and tools used in this field. The course content contains valuable know-how for optimizing workflow for bringing visions to life.

Prerequisite: Good Cinema 4D skills
Possible certification: