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License information free Educational License

The complete Cinema 4D Studio toolset.
No compromises – Cinema 4D Studio is Maxon’s best and most comprehensive packet for professional 3D artists. With a proven track record with high-end studios worldwide, Cinema 4D Studio is the tool of choice for professional-quality 3D graphics.

Note: Due to licensing restrictions, the free Cinema 4D Educational License does not support network rendering.

The Cinema 4D Educational License can be used by any teacher or instructor with a valid proof of employment as such at a state-run or state-recognized educational institution.

After successful registration and customer account creation, your license will be available as a download from your customer account. Registration and e-mail correspondence is currently only available in English. During the registration process you can upload your proof of teacher/instructor status (e.g., valid proof of registration) as a JPEG image with a resolution that makes all text legible. After your information has been verified you will receive your free Cinema 4D Educational License as a download.

On submission of valid verification, licenses can be continually extended for an additional 18 months and the currently available release can be re-applied for. The license is a single-seat license and can only be used on the computer on which it was activated (node-locked).

The free Cinema 4D Educational License supports all third-party plug-ins that are not registered using a serial number.

If you have questions regarding installation, registration or software activation, contact our support department. We do not offer support for project-related questions. A comprehensive installation guide can be downloaded here.

For the Cinema 4D Educational License, we offer upgrades to full commercial versions from the current (and the previous) Release version at attractive pricing! More information is available at your local reseller.