Command Line Installation for Linux

Command Line / Non-GUI Installations:

These instructions apply only to the full installer after it has been downloaded to disk and not to the auto installer. To run the installer in command line mode:

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator (Right click on Command Prompt and select ‘Run As Administrator’). This is required as the installer needs elevated permissions to run. In the Command Prompt navigate to the directory containing the Cinema 4D installer executable.

<Full Installer Name>.exe --mode unattended

Note: If you wish to customize the installation location you must run the installer in UI mode.

Open or mount the dmg.In a terminal navigate to the mounted dmg volume.

sudo <Full Installer Name>. app/Contents/MacOS/ --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none

Or if you wish to customise the installation location:

sudo <Full Installer Name>.app/Contents/MacOS/ –mode text

Note: Running as ‘sudo’ is required as the installer needs elevated permissions to run. Using this will require the user to have administrator privileges.

Offline Help

1. Unzip the downloaded archive into the 'help' folder of your Cinema 4D installation.
2. Please ensure that no additional subfolders were created during unpacking of the archive - you will be prompted to overwrite the already existing "redirect.html".

Note: You can install multiple offline help languages and switch between them by changing Cinema 4D's interface language - just repeat the process above for any additional language and allow any pre-existing files to be replaced.

Hint: If you want to view the offline help without starting Cinema 4D, find and execute the 'index.html' in the subfolder that corresponds to your chosen language.