Pose Library

  • Scene independent pose library
  • Thumbnail view
  • Blend poses
  • Matching Name and Selection Filters

Character Solver

  • Character Definition Tag allows rig-independent definition of character components
  • Automatic rig extraction based on name templates
  • Custom Character Definition Presets
  • Character Solver transfers motion between rigs based on character definitions, regardless of hierarchy or joint rotations
  • Extensive preset library of high-quality motion capture presets

Delta Mush

  • Delta Mush smoothing of joint-based animation
  • Tag-based control of smoothing parameters

Character Object - Toon Rig and Face Rig

  • Toon Rig in Character Object offers easy-to-use rig supporting scaling and bendy limbs
  • Face Rig in Character Object allows users to easily create a joint-based facial rig

Workflow Enhancements

  • Attribute Manager Filtering
    • Animated Attributes
    • Keyframe Selection
    • Animatable Attributes
    • XPresso Driver / Driven
    • Overridden in current take

  • Keyframing Changes
    • Auto-Key Workflow
    • Paste in Place
    • Copy / Paste Ease Curve
    • Record All Animated / Record Hierarchy Commands
    • Delete Keys for all selected objects Command
    • Animation Context Menu on HUD

  • Preview / Project Time Changes
    • Preserve Project Time with Merge and X-Ref / Allow Keyframes outside the project time
    • Increase Preview Time with Project
    • In / Out Commands to define preview range
    • Set Range to Markers
    • Go to Previous / Next Marker Range

  • Timeline Changes
    • Timeline Filtering
    • Auto-Frame F-Curve
    • Show Pos/Scale/Rot F-Curve Commands
    • Improvements to defaults and object / track display behavior

  • Marker Enhancements
    • Create Markers based on range / BMP
    • Marker HUD
    • Markers created with random color

  • Deformer Enhancements
    • Auto-orient deformers based on geometry
    • Easily adjust deformer orientation to align with object axes
    • Viewport Enhancements including indicators of action and direction
    • UX Enhancements including sliders for strength / angle

  • Exchange Enhancements
    • FBX option to export marker ranges as takes
    • FBX option to export only bound joints

  • Other Enhancements
    • Set Pos / Reset Pose commands in weight tag
    • Invert Vertex Map checkbox

UV Enhancements

  • for perpetual users, all the great enhancements in S22
  • Display and manipulate UVs of multiple selected objects (for shared texture workflows)
    • Rasterized and Geometric Packing of multiple objects into a single UV space
  • Grid in Texture UV Editor
  • Snap UV elements and UV Transform Tool to Vertex, Edge, Mid-Point, Grid and Pixel
  • Align Island based on edge selection
  • Straighten point / edge selection
  • Rectangularize polygon selection
  • Path Selection within UV Editor
  • Grow / Shrink Selection within UV Editor
  • Quantization Palette
  • Display UV Distortion in 3D View

Magic Bullet Looks

  • Look applied in real-time to the viewport
  • Look applied to final rendering as a post effect
  • Option allowing for saving the unprocessed rendering result as a multipass
  • Optical Touch Looks Preset library designed to make 3D renders look great


  • Improved screen space reflections
  • Optimized display of node-based geometry
  • Light Source Optimization and General Performance Enhancements
  • Removed Redraw Limit

Scene Nodes (Preview)

High-performance node-based object system, available as a technical preview.

Operator Nodes

Distribution Nodes

  • Linear, Linear Transformed
  • Radial, Spiral
  • Grid, Grid Offset (Honeycomb)
  • Vertex, Edge, Polygon Center
  • Mandelbrot, Mandelbulb
  • Custom Distribution Group

Effector / Field Nodes

Geometry Nodes

  • Get / Set Geometry and Topology
  • Point, Edge, Polygon Info
  • 3D Primitives
  • Selection Nodes
  • Bounding Box
  • Geometry Clone
  • Extrude, Lathe, Loft, Sweep
  • Extrude, Inset, Bevel, Subdivide
  • Optimize, Connect, Chamfer, Align Normals, Reverse Normals, Delete, Melt
  • Remove Ngons, Remove Non Manifold, Triangulate, Retriangulate, Untriangulate

Legacy Import

  • Legacy Object Import
  • Sample Legacy Light
  • Vertex Map Tag Import


  • Material assignment
  • Material parameterization

Flow Control Nodes

  • Loop Carried Value
  • Memory
  • Range

Array Nodes

Node Editor

  • General UI Enhancements for Scene and Material Nodes
  • Node filtering
  • Node Detail Levels
  • Comments

Remesh Generator


  • Import / Export Models, Cameras, Lights in usd, usda, usdc
  • Export usdz

OBJ Performance and Feature Enhancements

  • Import/export Support for PBR material definition used by Adobe Dimensions and other applications
  • OBJ Sequence Export
  • OBJ Sequence Import
  • Vertex Color Import / Export (Z-Brush / Meshlab)
  • Point Cloud Import
  • Z-Brush Spline Import
  • Flip UVs
  • Unicode Support
  • More Presets: 3ds max, Adobe Dimension, Blender, Maya, ZBrush, Trapcode

FBX (listed in Animation Workflow)

  • Export Takes from Timeline Markers
  • Export Bound Joints only

Python 3

  • Update from Python 2.7.14 to Python 3.7.7
  • Increased performance for Python expressions, scripts and plugins
  • Encrypt Python plugins via the command line

Moves by Maxon

  • Import and use Facial and Body Capture data from Moves iOS app (fully integrated)

General Workflow Enhancements

  • Display alpha channel in Picture Viewer as a checker grid
  • Insert Caret showing drag destination within Object Manager
  • Instances can be made editable
  • Updated Intel Open Image Denoiser to 1.2.1 / improved performance and better results
  • Viewport Selection Tools now use Intel Embree technology for better performance and accuracy

Customer Journey

  • Maxon One
  • Subscription Management page