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Maxon offers training and testing - from simple knowledge tests to comprehensive artist and trainer certification programs - to validate your know-how, verify your skills, and make you infinitely more hireable.

Elementary Knowledge Tests

Put your Maxon product awareness to the test. Our free online, multiple choice quizzes will test your basic knowledge through 50 randomly selected questions with a minimum passing score of 85%. Incorrect answers link you to learning resources and you can take the test as many times as you like.
Cost: Free

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Cinema 4D Basics Comprehensive Certification

The Cinema 4D Basics Comprehensive Certification program is designed to evaluate a user's ability to perform at a minimum required standard as a 3D Generalist. We believe “certified” should mean an artist has the skills to be able to substantially contribute to a production pipeline. To pass, you must be able to demonstrate 90% proficiency on the Certification Topics and demonstrate the ability to address everyday challenges during your 3-4-hour remote testing session. Please note: Before testing, you may be required to download a number of exercise projects.

To find out more, contact our Training Team.

Suggested Cost: €995/$995
(prices will vary among external trainers and regions)

Comprehensive Certifications for Redshift and Red Giant products are coming soon.

Cinema 4D Trainer Certification

Maxon’s Trainer Certification has been designed to test not only your ability to solve production challenges, but also your ability to clearly instruct and teach them. Our trainer certification is conducted remotely and administered by two Maxon Master Trainers, during which you will need to demonstrate the ability to teach any of the Certification Topics and offer solutions to common production problems.

To qualify for the Trainer Certification Test, you are required to have previously passed the Basics Comprehensive Certification test with a 100% score. If you scored less than 100%, you will need to take an additional limited test to show proficiency in the areas where you struggled.

Once you become a Certified Trainer, you are qualified to perform your own Maxon Certified Training (including Basics Comprehensive Certification) and allow training centers where you conduct training to be authorized as a Certified Training Center. You will also be invited take part in the Maxon Certified Training Community Forums, and you will have access to Cinema 4D pre-release information (signed NDA required).

Suggested Cost: €1.995/$1,995
(prices will vary among external trainers and regions)

Please contact our Training Team and we will connect you with recommended Master Trainers or training centers to take your certification test.

Trainer Certifications for Redshift and Red Giant products are coming soon.