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You can experience the ease of learning Cinema 4D from the comfort of your own home through many online training resources. The following partners have met our highest standards.

Cineversity is brought to you by Maxon, The Americas. Sign up for free access to hundreds of video tutorials for all skill levels. A premium subscription provides access to thousand of tutorials and valuable plugins, scripts and other resources.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform for individuals and companies that combines learning tools from Lynda and video2brain with the LinkedIn network. Learning tools are also available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Japanese. There is a wide range of Cinema 4D courses from which to choose – the only thing that’s required to take advantage of the complete offer is a LinkedIn account and a subscription to LinkedIn Learning.

Pluralsight | Creative

A subscription-based video tutorial provider with a collection of over 70 multi-part Cinema 4D courses. Pluralsight provides subscribers with training for every skill level from beginner to expert, and is used in top university programs, studios and companies worldwide. New tutorials, training and learning paths are released every month, which makes Pluralsight the biggest 3rd-party repository of high-quality Cinema 4D online training.


The learning platform of Cinema 4D guru Nick Campbell is an active community and resource for training and tools for creatives. They make learning accessible and effective by creating easy-to-follow tutorials and training that shows far more than just which buttons to push - a fantastic resource for Cinema 4D users. They also create tools and plugins for Cinema 4D, which help to streamline the workflow and allow artists to spend more time on the creative aspects of 3D.


Also a fee-based online training provider, FXPHD follows a unique approach. Like a university, the courses are divided into 10-week terms. Each course in FXPHD is run by a practicing VFX or editing professional who has been hand-picked for his or her expert knowledge in the field. The professors come from a background of working on a wide variety of internationally renowned projects. In each term, students are offered a selection of courses, from which they are able to choose up to three. In addition, they receive a mandatory additional course called Background Fundamentals. Every week during the term, attendees can download a 30 to 40-minute QuickTime movie for each of the classes. In addition, FXPHD has online forums where students can discuss the classes with their professor and other artists in the classes. The forums plus classes is really what sets FXPHD apart from others.


cmiVFX is a group of over 100 instructors and more than 35k artists actively working in the computer graphics and visual effects industry. For over 13 years, cmiVFX have been providing video training lessons in both real-world and experimental techniques. Their training material cannot be found anywhere else because they provide specialized knowledge from mentors who have contributed to famous movies, video games, and media. Instructors at cmiVFX are professionals who do not only teach, but also work actively in the VFX industry and share their knowledge using cmiVFX as a platform.


Academy C4D are a learning platform with more than 5 years of experience in the market, training in the use of CINEMA 4D. Their theoretical - practical courses in Spanish guarantee the best results in the learning process. They train in different levels of learning, from basic to advanced, combining also the use of other tools like Vray and AE with CINEMA 4D.


Started by Tim Clapham, a globally renowned Cinema 4D and MoGraph guru, helloluxx is a collection of creative professionals from around the world dedicated to sharing experience and knowledge for the visual effects and motion graphics community. helloluxx resources not only include first-class professional training, there are also over 100 free tutorials and scene files on the site. Let helloluxx provide you with real-world techniques and solutions to improve your workflow and enhance your creative productivity.