Quickly create trees and vegetation for Cinema 4D.

  • Exports directly to Cinema 4D files
  • Natively supports Cinema 4D

e-on Software
Vue & Ozone

Generate hyper-realistic 3D landscapes and atmospheres with Vue and Ozone in Cinema 4D.

  • Fully integrated into Cinema 4D via plugins
  • Create and edit rich environments interactively and see results in the viewport

Add procedural organic modeling tools to Cinema 4D with Xfrog

  • Easily create and animate 3D trees, flowers, and more.
  • All Xfrog objects can be animated via their parameters in Cinema 4D

Laubwerk’s Plants Kits and SurfaceSPREAD are easy-to-use, native Cinema 4D plugins for authentic 3D plants, and plant scattering.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Render-ready 3D plants that can be fine-tuned for season, age, variation, and level-of-detail
  • Support also for VRAYforC4D, Arnold, Maxwell Render