Feel right at home

Creating amazing 3D is both work and a passion, and you should feel right at home in Cinema 4D. R21 includes visual improvements, performance boosts and valuable workflow enhancements.

Easy on the Eyes
and Quick on the Draw


Cinema 4D has gotten a facelift, but there’s great benefits below the surface as well. You’ll enjoy clear, anti-aliased display of HiDPI UI elements – on Windows and Mac. High-res displays push more pixels, but Cinema 4D’s managers have been optimized to perform better than ever before. An updated look-and-feel also provides a more modern UI with improved colors.

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A Better UX for You

You’ll feel right at home with Cinema 4D’s updated menus
and defaults.


Get up and running right away with updated defaults based on the most common user tweaks.


It’s easier than ever to find the command or tag you need thanks to updated menus. Features are always quick at hand thanks to Commander, which now remembers the last thing you did.


On macOS, the Cinema 4D main menu now appears where it should – at the top of the screen, giving you more workspace than before. macOS Dark Screen Support helps you focus on your work rather than on the interface. And thanks to the HiDPI support, the Cinema 4D interface looks super crisp on Apple’s hi-res displays.


No more
harmful UVs

Cinema 4D Release 21 lays the groundwork for future UV enhancements, with an improved Texture / UV view that’s anti-aliased and faster. With the new UV Transform Tool you can modify UV points and polygons easily – tweaking position, rotation, scale, skew and distortion of entire UV sections easily. Further enhancements include a UV ruler display, option for quantized UV transformations and snapping support for UV points and edges.

Assets aren’t Liabilities

Now it’s easy to wrangle all the external files associated with your Cinema 4D projects, from textures and audio to Alembic and other caches. Cinema 4D’s Asset Inspector makes it easy to identify the assets in a scene, fix links and collect files.


Organize your object manager like never before with custom, colorized icons for all your objects and tags. Choose your own image for each icon, or choose from handy presets. You can keep the colors of the image, or replace them based on a custom color or the display color of the object. It’s easier than ever for TDs to create templates and rigs anyone can understand!


Cinema 4D has always played friendly with other applications. R21 includes improved support for Solidworks, STEP, Catia, IGES and JT formats. There’s a preference to show/suppress import dialogs, and the file selector now appears after export settings. And, you have an option to import instances as regular or render versions as well as import hidden objects with a “_hidden” suffix.


In Cinema 4D Release 21, you can choose whether textures are copied or linked by default, rather than dealing with a dialog each time you add a texture. This will save you millions of clicks, and that’s not an exaggeration.