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We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your most fundamental workflow needs so you can create amazing 3D content, and create it more quickly, easily and accurately. Release 21 offers some tremendous improvements for the foundation of your projects.

New Caps and Bevels

We’ve completely reinvented the creation of 3D fontography in Cinema 4D with improved constraints and internal bevels, Delaunay cap skinning, and a new library of bevel presets including the ability to draw your own bevel profiles. But this feature is more than just fancy fonts and text – caps and bevels are integrated on all the spline-based objects – lathe, loft, sweep, etc. for unlimited possibilities. Caps and bevels are created as a single object, with additional and more obvious selection sets for Shells and Edges. There’s even an option for linking start and end caps. 


Volume Modeling Enhancements

Since its introduction last year, you've been creating amazing organic shapes from simple objects with Cinema 4D's OpenVDB-based Volume Builder. Based on your feedback, we’ve streamlined and improved the workflow of this incredibly powerful toolset.


With the Cache Layer you can store the results of multiple VDB layers for faster workflow when creating complex models and effects. Caches can be used as the foundation for further adjustments and cleared at any time.


Create dramatic forms based on shape outlines with new Vector Volumes. The direction values stored in these volumes can be used in the Field Force or Target Effector to guide particles, dynamic effects and MoGraph objects.

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Other Volume Modeling Enhancements


Fog Volumes can now be filtered via Multiply or Invert operations, and VDB filter types are now available as dedicated objects so can be added and managed more easily.


Gain ultimate control over volumes based on splines with a curve-based UI to adjust the thickness of the volume at each point along the spline’s length.


Create Curvature maps when meshing a volume to use when shading and defining MoGraph and field-based effects. Add clones in the nooks and color the crannies to your heart’s content.

Modeling Core Updates

You’ll enjoy improvements to primitives and several key modeling tools as part of the ongoing migration to Cinema 4D’s new modeling core. It’s now possible to copy and paste points and polygons between objects and scenes. Primitive caps are now automatically welded. The modeling commands you use most – Extrude, Extrude Inner, Weld, Split and Polygon Groups to Objects – are much faster and preserve UVs and other surface attributes.