Polygonal Modeling

Visions Take Shape in Cinema 4D

Polygons are the building blocks of 3D, stitched together to create the objects of your imagination. With Cinema 4D’s complete polygonal modeling toolset, it’s easy to craft everything from cars to creatures.

Knife Tool

Cutting Edge Interactivity

Slice models with quick precision using a trio of tools that offer outstanding interactivity. Make more polygons and add more detail - edit cuts before committing, cut evenly-spaced slices, and add symmetrical loops with ease.

Plane Cut

Loop Cut

Line Cut

Polygon Pen

Paint polygons with Cinema 4D’s modeling "Swiss army knife", a single super-tool for creating or retopologizing 3D models.

Create Polygon

Click to add points and quickly create polygons, whether modeling from scratch or snapping to existing geometry for retopology.

Rotate Edge

Refine the polygon flow by spinning an edge around its center.

Snap To Edge

Extend the surface easily with edges that snap to each other.

Draw Row

Paint strips of polygons interactively.

Modeling Arc

Convert simple edges into complex arcs in a single action.


Create solid shapes by extruding, without changing tools.

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Extrude selected points, edges or polygons.

Stitch & Sew

Join object edges that have the same number of points.


Soften hard edges without Subdivison Surface Objects.

Mesh Check

Show faulty elements  on selected polygon objects.