MAXON @ FMX 2017

Visit us at the FMX in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 02-05, 2017.

This year MAXON will be presenting five high-end Cinema 4D workshops. The topics range from insights into the use of Cinema 4D for Hollywood's big blockbusters, like "Dr. Strange" or AAA games like "Titanfall" to more technically oriented presentations giving you detailed insights into the workflow  setups of internationally-renowned advertising productions for companies like Nike: 

Dr. Strange, Titanfall and More - an Overview of 10 years of SPOV, London
by Allen Leitch

SPOV works at all stages of the production process, from the inception of creative concepts to research, scripting, storyboarding and full production. Founded in 2007 by designer and animator Allen Leitch, SPOV's team bring a wealth of creative experience and enthusiasm. Allen will talk about SPOV and their past projects such as Titanfall, Dr. Strange, Mission Impossible, Call of Duty and how they've utilized Cinema 4D in their production pipeline over the last decade.

Das Sacher – a Two-Part Documentary About the Historic Vienna Hotel was Created with the Help of Cinema 4D
by Günter Nikodim

The documentary was broadcast on Christmas 2016 on ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Company) and ZDF (German television). Günter Nikodim accompanied the filming and post-production processes from May to November, 2016. Cinema 4D was used to create all 3D elements. The entire introduction is full CG and was completely created and rendered in Cinema 4D. Günter will show various scenes and which features were used such as Camera Tracking, Object Tracking (to make actors' faces appear younger or older), MoGraph and Dynamics. Alembic was used to exchange camera and model data with Nuke. A complete overview of this exciting television production! 

An in-depth look at the technical setups for Nike Sportswear – Techfleece (plus a furry funny bonus fix)
by Matthias Zabiegly

Working through every shot of our Nike Techfleece project you'll gain a detailed look at how we setup all the different effects in Cinema4d. Plus there's insights into our production pipeline, some considerations on render engines and finally you'll meet a furry fella that we created recently.

TOCA ME 2017 Opening Titles
by Robert Hranitzky

Get a behind the scenes look on how the TOCA ME 2017 Opening Titles were created. Find out how the team created and used a high-res 3D scan, virtual projections and lots of compositing to come up with the final look. Robert will explain the creative as well as the technical approach using tools like Cinema 4D, After Effects and ZYNC Render.  

The Mill in Motion
by Will MacNeil

Motion Design at The Mill covers a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from title sequences to data-driven web films and everything in between. Mill Art Director Will MacNeil will highlight several recent ground-breaking projects and share some of the challenges his team faced while making them.

Throughout the show, our partner pixeltrain will be offering individualized Cinema 4D product presentations and information about how to integrate third-party 3D and VFX tools. We will also be at the NVIDIA booth to answer all your questions about Cinema 4D.


Workshop recordings

You won’t be able to attend in person? No problem – the MAXON workshops will be recorded and made available shortly after FMX 2017 on MAXON's YouTube channel.

Meet the MAXON team

Our experts in the field of development, product management, marketing/PR, quality assurance and sales will be available during the entire FMX to answer any questions you may have about the newest developments at MAXON, about Cinema 4D or integration with partner products. 

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