Exorbitart Puts Edifices in the Right Light

In order to spark and peak the interest of potential buyers, property developers
turn to Cinema 4D specialists to create impressive visualizations.

Real estate – especially larger projects – is most often sold before the groundbreaking even takes place. To attract buyers, a project has to be made attractive when it’s presented. This was done using real-world models in the past but today this is done using 3D visualizations. These visualizations offer potential buyers a range of details and can reach them on an emotional level, which is also an important part of the selling process. A 3D artist who has mastered the art of visualization is Benjamin Springer at the Stuttgart, Germany-based studio Exorbitart.

Benjamin learned 3D visualization from the ground up: he worked at the globally-renowned engineering and architecture office of Werner Sobek in Stuttgart for five years before founding his own studio in 2012. His client list initially included mainly customers from his time at Sobek but he was able to quickly establish a very respectable network of new clients. Exorbitart has since become a major force in the architectural visualization scene. In addition to his own projects, which Benjamin publishes under the Exorbitart label, he regularly works on visualization projects for the industrial and construction industries. He has, for example, worked successfully with Ludwigsburg-based Strenger Bauen und Wohnen GmbH for several years now.

As a rule, Strenger’s construction projects begin with the purchase of well-situated property and the construction is then commissioned to architects. Exorbitart uses these architects’ plans as a basis for its visualizations. “We mostly create outdoor visualizations for marketing materials. We sometimes start work on a visualization even before the designs have been completely finished. Of course, it’s more cost-effective if all design decisions have been made before we get started but this is more often the exception than the rule,” explains Benjamin.

Cinema 4D is a tool that lets us quickly realize our clients’ wishes, easily make changes to a project and achieve results that always impress our clients!

Babak Joust, director of marketing at Strenger Bauen und Wohnen, says about the cooperation with Benjamin: “What we like about Exorbitart is their open and straightforward methods as well as the high quality of the visualizations they produce. The emotional lighting and the photo-realistic details are particularly unique. To date, all projects have been delivered on time despite the often very tight deadlines.” As an external service provider, Exorbitart creates visualizations that the marketing team at Strenger uses to effectively market its properties. In 2017, Exorbitart visualized the project City Wave, a futuristic building ensemble with 19 exquisitely-equipped apartments near Stuttgart. The property, located in the city of Bietigheim-Bissingen, has sold 90% of its available units. 

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Exorbitart only uses Cinema 4D for its visualizations. It’s proven itself to be an unbeatable tool for their projects. Benjamin says, “The logically and hierarchically arranged Object Manager, where anything can be grouped, makes it easy to create a structured workflow. Project elements can be combined to create a custom library using the Asset Manager, which means that we can quickly find and reuse these elements. Plug-ins such as the generator for windows or Paint on Surface are a great help when creating architectural visualizations. These features and Cinema 4D’s fantastic stability have made Cinema 4D an integral part of our work.”

Exorbitart uses the Corona renderer to meet its customers’ high expectations for the quality of rendered images. An alpha version of the renderer for Cinema 4D can be downloaded here.

When asked if everything has to be modeled from scratch for each project, Benjamin answers, “We’ve amassed a substantial asset library over the years, which contains elements that we can reuse for various projects. We also purchase assets quite often that we then optimize for use in Cinema 4D and with Corona.”

Exorbitart’s success is a result of successfully meeting deadlines and creating impressive results for its clients, who can then quickly fire up their marketing and sales operations.

Web: www.exorbitart.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exorbitart/
Behance: https://www.behance.net/exorbitart