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Construct a New Reality

In architecture, you use steel and stone as a foundation for your creativity. Selling people on a vision can be a challenge. Cinema 4D's exceptional workflow makes it easy to bring your concepts to life as dynamic images and animations. Bring blueprints and sketches to life with Sketch and Toon rendering, or create photorealistic renderings of your building projects. With Cinema 4D, you can help others visualize your concept and realize your dreams.


Seamless exchange

As a Nemetschek brand, Cinema 4D enjoys a close relationship with many leading architectural software applications such as Vectorworks, Archicad and Allplan. These Nemetschek applications export your architectural designs directly as native Cinema 4D files, so it’s easy to transform blueprints into fantastic photorealistic renders. With native import of Sketchup, DWG and DXF files, there’s a pipeline for your plans regardless of where they’re created.


With interactive snapping and dynamic guides you can accurately construct and embellish architectural models. You can align a workplane interactively to any surface of a model, and construct or snap objects onto the grid. Create guide lines and planes as a reference for snapping, or simply utilize the dynamic guides that provide intuitive snapping based on the selected objects and scene geometry.

Photorealistic rendering

Utilize Cinema 4D’s flexible and powerful material system to add photorealistic finesse to your architectural visualizations. Visualize realistic lighting based on time and location, and show the progression from dawn to dusk or winter to summer. Take advantage of IES-based lighting and Global Illumination rendering to achieve final renders that are both accurate and attractive.


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