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Cinema 4D Classroom Licenses

Cinema 4D‘s intuitive workflow and renowned ease of use make it the perfect choice for the next generation of 3D artists. That‘s why, we provide our flagship application Cinema 4D Studio for schools, colleges and universities at very affordable prices:

  • Attractive service agreements (EDU Maxon Service Agreement) help plan budgets precisely and ensure that you automatically receive the latest version of Cinema 4D.
  • Large computer labs are easily administered through our flexible multi-license server application.
  • Course curricula and other resources are available to support instructors in the development of the Cinema 4D syllabus.

Cinema 4D Educational Support Programs

We have many programs that are regionally tailored to enable educational institutions with limited budgets to add Cinema 4D to their course catalogue. There is a wide range of educational possibilities from which to choose and these often differ from region to region. Maxon offers a variety of programs to help support educational institutions with less means in their efforts to provide outstanding training for Cinema 4D.

Please contact your local Maxon educational specialist for more information:


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