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With Some New Key Ingredients ProRender is on the Rise

With ProRender, you can utilize the power of the GPU on virtually any machine to create physically accurate renders. Cinema 4D Release 20 integrates key features needed in any production renderer.

Subsurface Scattering

Beauty isn’t just skin deep - realistic renders take into account the light that scatters around beneath the surface. A simple-to-use Subsurface Scattering shader makes it easy to render realistic-looking skin, wax, marble and more.

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Motion Blur

You can’t truly convey motion without blur. ProRender in Release 20 supports both linear motion blur for simple PSR animation and Sub-Frame Motion Blur for deformations. When using Sub-Frame Motion Blur, the results from each sub-frame are averaged so you can achieve faster, higher-quality renders with fewer iterations per frame.

Multi-pass Rendering

Unlock the power of compositing with ProRender’s new multi-pass workflow. In addition to standard illumination and emission passes, you can output the world coordinates, UVW, normal and depth passes. Isolate mattes with a Material ID pass, Object ID pass or assign specific matte colors to object groups within the Compositing tag. And you can choose whether each of the data passes in anti-aliased based on how you plan to use it when compositing.

easily edit and adjust individual areas of your render
by working with object group id’s

Other Enhancements


Break free of the memory limits on your GPU and stream high-resolution textures to your graphics card on demand.


Optimize render speed and quality with individual control over the diffuse, glossy, refraction and shadow depths.


Isolate shadows for easy compositing of 3D objects over footage or imagery.


ProRender in Release 20 now supports MoGraph Color, Physical Sky and native rendering of Voronoi-based noises.