Importing is the Simplest Part

Seamless and simple import of popular CAD formats

Clients always have CAD models - now you have an easy way to use them. In Cinema 4D Release 20, you can directly and easily import Solidworks, STEP, Catia, JT and IGES files. Bring in the machines and the other things - objects, splines, instances and hierarchies - and start building amazing visualizations in Cinema 4D.

Easy, Flexible and Reliable Import

Just drag any CAD file into Cinema 4D and get started. You’ll almost always get something usable with the default settings. For more power and precision, you can dial in all sorts of options to control the Normals, hierarchy tessellation and more. And of course, there’s the most important option - swapping the Y and Z axes so everything is right-side up.



When importing CAD formats into Cinema 4D, the NURBS data is converted to polygons through tessellation. Release 20 implements a unique scale-based tessellation interface that allows you to adjust the detail level based on the object’s size. Putting the detail where you need it means the main model can be smooth without millions of polygons wasted on tiny nuts and bolts.


Import original display colors and materials from the CAD file as a great starting point for visualization renders or assign random materials to easily distinguish each separate part.

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