Motion graphics wouldn’t look the way they do today without Cinema 4D, and Cinema 4D wouldn’t be the app it is without MoGraph. Two great enhancements in Cinema 4D Release 19 extend the state-of-the art in motion graphics.

Voronoi Fracturing

Breaking stuff became easy and popular with the release of the fully-procedural Voronoi Fracture object in Release 18 - now with Release 19 we’ve made it easy to keep stuff together, and it’s also up to 4x faster.


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Break objects progressively based on object collisions and other forces. Dynamic Connectors between fracture pieces ensure they stay together until enough force is applied.


Create wood splinters and crystal structures with pre-fracture transforms


Displaced noise along the broken surfaces makes fractured pieces appear more realistic


Glue multiple fracture pieces together to create complex shapes


  • Improved sorting (by distance to object or custom vector)
  • Create honeycomb shapes with Invert Offset
  • Create shells with Hull Thickness
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Sound Effector

With the all-new Sound Effector in Release 19, it’s easy to create energetic music visualizations and make motion graphics move to the beat. Drag probes to isolate specific frequencies and volumes, and iterate, distribute or blend the values from each probe to control your clones. Built-in decay smoothes the animation without the need for a Delay effector. Link multiple effectors to a single sound track for easy control and faster playback, and render the animation with sound using new native MP4 support.