Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset revolutionized the industry, and Release 18 builds upon that foundation with powerful new tools and an improved workflow.

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Non-destructive destruction

With the new Fracture Voronoi object you can tear down walls. Systematically shatter any object into procedural fragments using virtually anything to control the distribution of the shattered pieces. Create artistic procedural geometry using splines, polygon objects or particles. Fracture Voronoi is always live which means you can change elements at any time. As a native MoGraph object it works seamlessly with Dynamics and all the effectors and falloffs you love.

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Adjust the amount
and placement
of the voronoi points

Use effectors and falloffs to
control how the effect
will be triggered


Cloner Enhancements

Cinema 4D’s Cloner object revolutionized motion graphics, and in R18 we’ve made it even better. With the new Honeycomb Array mode you can easily create brick walls and hexagonal grids. Conform grid arrays and honeycombs to the shape of an object or spline, and maintain the clone spacing when you increase count with Per-Step mode. There’s also a new option to scale clones automatically based on polygon size when cloning on an object.

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Avoid unwanted intersections and give clones a bit of breathing room with the all-new Push Apart Effector. Simply define a radius and clones will either push apart, scale apart, hide or move along a selected axis to remove any overlaps.

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The new ReEffector offers the ultimate flexibility for your MoGraph creations. It’s like a layering system for Effector setups. Use it as an eraser to restore the original state of MoGraph objects or group Effectors and control them with a single falloff.

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Precisely control MoGraph Effectors by painting and applying weight maps. The new MoGraph Weight Paintbrush makes it easy to add, subtract and smooth weights, and you can set weight values logically using a new XPresso node.

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Keep your Cinema 4D files small and your playback quick. Store your MoGraph cache in separate external files to keep your Cinema 4D file small for quick incremental saves and file syncs. Add multiple cache tags and mix the strengths of each to combine caches. 

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