Object tracking represents another evolution in Maxon’s effort to make visual effects tools easy and accessible to everyone in Cinema 4D. Changes in constraints, quaternions and priorities are part of a comprehensive improvement of character animation features and the underlying code.

Object Tracker

Integrate your Cinema 4D creations into real-world footage with Object Tracking, the next step in Maxon’s effort to make VFX workflows and tools accessible to everyone. Reconstruct the motion of the camera and any number of objects to transform a video file into a 3D world. Add 2D User Tracks for key features of the object and assign them to the Object Tracker – then reconstruct the object based on just the tracks or with the help of reference geometry. You can now seamlessly integrate any number of 3D objects into real-world footage with ease.


Parent Constraint

Passing objects from one parent to another is a complex task in 3D animation. Release 18 includes a new parent constraint workflow that is extremely reliable and makes it easy to achieve consistent results.

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Gimbal lock causes headaches for astronauts as well as 3D artists. Cinema 4D Release 18 provides a new Quaternion workflow to master this challenge. Enable Quaternion Rotation and the rotation keyframes will be linked and interpolated in a linear or cubic way that eliminates gimbal lock.


Getting priorities straight can be tricky but this new tag makes it a bit easier. Simply add the tag to a group of objects to shift all of the objects’ or assigned tags’ editable priorities. Use this tag with XRef objects to shift their priorities without affecting the original file.