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Cinema 4D includes support for a host of industry-standard file formats. Because real-world 3D artists don't work in a vacuum, Cinema 4D features an array of import/export options for an extensive menu of popular file formats.

Okino PolyTrans

PolyTrans for Cinema 4D allows for easy, native conversion of 3D data to/from Cinema 4D files.

  • Converts from all major MCAD programs into highly optimized Cinema 4D files for immediate "load and render" into Cinema 4D.
  • Load or save entire Cinema 4D scenes within other popular 3D programs that would not otherwise work with Cinema 4D files.
  • Translates Cinema 4D data to all other major 3D DCC/Animation programs and file formats - including animation data, mesh skinning, child/parent hierarchy, geometry, materials, texture maps and more.

More Information here.

Formats natively supported by Cinema 4D

2D Image and Animation Formats (R/W)

  • TIFF
  • BodyPaint 3D
  • Photoshop PSD
  • Targa TGA
  • HDRI
  • DPX
  • Open EXR
  • BMP
  • PICT
  • IFF
  • JPEG
  • RLA
  • RPF
  • PNG
  • QuickTime (if available)
  • AVI (Windows only)

3D Formats

  • 3D Studio .3ds (R/W)
  • Alembic (R/W)
  • Biovision .bvh (R)
  • Collada .dae (R/W)
  • DEM (R)
  • DXF (R/W)
  • DWG (R)
  • Direct 3D .x (W)
  • FBX (R/W)
  • IGES* (R)
  • LightWave 3D .lws .lwo (R)
  • RIB (W)
  • SketchUp .skp (R)
  • STL (R/W)
  • VRML2 .wrl (R/W)
  • Wavefront .obj (R/W)

Compositing Formats (Write only)

  • After Effects (3D)
  • Final Cut (2D, Mac only)
  • Shake (2D)
  • Motion (3D, Mac only)
  • Nuke (2D)
  • Fusion (2D, Windows only)

2D Vector Formats

  • Illustrator (R/W)
  • EPS (R)

R = read / W = write


* Note that the IGES importer in Cinema 4D does not support all possible variations. To ensure that it meets your requirements, please contact our technical support team.