Scott’s 3D Submarine

No, it’s not yellow but at least as appealing as the famous Beatles song.

Matthieu Roussel is a well-known French illustrator who has designed many covers for magazines and periodicals. He does a great deal of work with Cinema 4D and has established his own trademark visual style. At first glance you might think that Matthieu has arranged plastic figures and photographed them. Not true! Matthieu models his scenes in Cinema 4D and gives his ensembles a toy look and renders them with photorealistic render settings. Matthieu’s unique style makes him a sought after 3D artist and recently caught the eye of the team at Square Igloo, who is currently working on an iPhone app for kids. The app is a type of interactive picture book that includes various little games. The game’s main character is little Scott who goes on exciting and interesting adventures together with his girlfriend Aiko and cat Jazz. The adventures lead the trio through various locations such as Scott’s room, the beach and even a submarine with which the ocean floor is explored.

Matthieu was given the job of designing around 30 scenes as well as animation sequences. As always, he started almost every object with a simple cube and proceeded to extrude it. The basic shape was fine-tuned using HyperNURBS. The subsequent scene creation was done according to storyboard sketches approved by Square Igloo and designed for optimal integration into the iPhone app.
Scott’s Submarine was originally designed as an iPhone app and is already available for iPad and iPod – and an Android version is in the works.

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