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Text is not only about writing but can also be used as an expressive medium – which is something that can be easily realized in Cinema 4D.

Since the Middle Ages, designing fonts has been a highly prized art form whose beauty continues to impress even today. We’ve come a long way from the monk who copied books in is scriptorium to today’s typesetters and their WYSIWYG interfaces. Vijay Ram’s art goes far beyond common typography and typographic design. He uses text to create a motif and creates text from a motif – all using Cinema 4D.

Vijay had always thrived in painting, drawing and design. A deciding factor for his artistic orientation that helped him develop his unique style was the fantasy film ‘At the Earth’s Core’, which had a visual style in the direction of what we today refer to as Steampunk. In it, Vijay saw how function can follow design. Together with his affinity for typography, Vijay was able to develop his own visual style.

In addition to his personal works such as ‘Oh Shit’ or ‘Vijay’, in which design elements are used to create fonts, Vijay’s playful approach to creating creative fonts has also garnered the attention of the advertising community. Vijay has been creating advertising visuals for 15 years for clients such as Lucozade, Miele, Tuborg, Harley Davidson and Sky Bingo.

When Cadbury wanted to create a new billboard campaign that depicted a machine and flowing chocolate as letters, Vijay was given the job. While working at the agency bigdog, he was tasked to create a flagship image for Cadbury World. After a few sketches with pen and paper the design was approved by Cadbury and Vijay got to work on it in Cinema 4D. The look that he designed – in close cooperation with Cadbury – had a touch of Steampunk, with a machine that even Willy Wonka would have liked to have in his factory. A design in true Vijay manner.

Vijay used a variety of tools to create all elements in Cinema 4D. The flowing chocolate letters were created using the Sculpt tools; the remaining letters were created as Text objects and were modified using Cinema 4D’s wide range of modeling tools. After all elements had been modeled, Vijay moved them into position and rendered them. Even though all elements could have easily been rendered in one go, Vijay split the renderings to make color correction much easier. He rendered each part using the Standard Renderer in Cinema 4D with Global Illumination activated. All elements were then combined in Photoshop.

This Cadbury campaign is one of the most impressive examples of a project created in Cinema 4D from start to finish, with the artist having a maximum amount of creative freedom. This project not only reflects Vijay’s fable for Steampunk but also his vision of font design and how it can be realized from A to Z using Cinema 4D.

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