Gearing Up for SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH is right around the corner. Without giving away any spoilers, let me tickle you a bit about what we’ve got lined up for our 2019 show. First off, and most importantly, DO NOT miss our CEO David McGavran’s live keynote on July 30th, kicking off the first day of the conference. Like NAB, when he announced Maxon’s acquisition of Redshift, David has some exciting news to share about Maxon, Cinema 4D and our partners. You can watch him and our artists present live at our booth or live streaming on

As always, we are very proud to feature an extremely talented lineup of presenters who use C4D in a wide variety of ways. This year’s roster includes 21 artists, some of whom you already know, like Territory’s Marti Romances, freelance artist Robyn Haddow, and the infamous Beeple (aka Mike Winkelmann). True to our commitment to encourage and support women in this industry, Robyn is one of nine women presenting at our SIGGRAPH booth this year. BTW: If you missed it, at NAB 2018 we hosted a Women in MoGraph panel with some groundbreaking female artists.

SIGGRAPH 2019 is Maxon’s first trade show since we acquired Redshift, and we’ve been working closely with the Redshift team. Stop by our booth, and Redshift’s, to see presentations by artists who use C4D and Redshift in their workflow. Artists and Maxon staff will be on hand to answer questions about C4D/Redshift integration and how to get the most out of this powerful combo.

In addition, we’re partnering with Intel to host yet another presentation area behind the Maxon booth. Not only will our main stage presenters be offering supplementary demonstrations and Q&A sessions, Intel has also invited some artists to present exciting projects and workflows. And some of our great partners will be presenting too.

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Hope to see you at the show!


Paul Babb

Head of Worldwide Marketing

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