Endless Possibilities – Maxon is hiring!

My first two months as Maxon’s CEO have been a whirlwind, even though I have 20 years’ experience in the industry. I have gotten to know the culture here as well as the Cinema 4D community. I’m thrilled by the positive response to Release 20 — it inspires me to spend as much time as I can getting to know our customers and their needs so we can continue to deliver abundant releases.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to my plans for Maxon and Cinema 4D. I will try to answer questions and provide outlook as we move forward. I can tell you that I believe we are currently in an amazing position, and the possibilities for the company’s future are endless. For the near-term, I am happy to share with you my top three goals:

Make Maxon a Truly Global Company. For two decades, the Maxon offices in Germany, the US, Canada and the UK have all collaborated extremely well. But our regional success has reached a stage where it is time to make Maxon a truly worldwide organization.

Prepare for Future Growth. Maxon has experienced phenomenal growth, especially over the last 12 years and we anticipate even more significant expansion. Therefore, it is critical that we update our business processes to accommodate that, while maintaining our core principles as a customer-oriented company.

Hire More People! After reviewing our organizational needs, it’s clear to me we need to immediately increase the size of our team so we can reach more customers and create more amazing new features in Cinema 4D. We have an excellent team of motivated, inspired, creative and technical people who are really fun to work with but we need more help.

So, I would like to announce that Maxon is currently hiring! We are actively recruiting more than 18 positions worldwide. Some of the jobs are already listed on our jobs page. If you don’t see a job that fits your specific skill set and you’d like to work at Maxon, we anticipate additional rounds of hiring as we grow, so keep your eye on our hiring page. Or better yet, apply anyway - we are always interested in people with a strong background in 3D, be it development, sales, marketing, product management, etc.

If there is one thing I learned in my first two months, it’s that Maxon is an outstanding place to work. We have an amazing team, customers who do inspiring work, and the best community in the industry. What more could you want? Come join us!


David McGavran

Chief Executive Officer

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