For all the Movie Magic the Camera Couldn’t See

What happens after the director yells cut is often just as important as all that comes before. Cinema 4D offers great tools for movies and visual effects, from a fast workflow for previsualization to completely integrated tools for tracking and digital mattes.


Motion Tracking

With Cinema 4D’s integrated motion tracking, you can fully integrate 3D elements into camera footage. Track the camera itself or specific objects, and add 3D elements that are perfectly aligned with the environment. There’s no need to switch back and forth between dedicated applications - finish the entire shot entirely in Cinema 4D

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Pipeline Integration

Cinema 4D offers outstanding integration with industry-standard tools. Extend your VFX capabilities within Cinema 4D with Houdini Engine, and export multipass definitions and 3D data for compositing to Adobe After Effects or Nuke. Utilize Cinema 4D’s extensive Python and C++ APIs to create custom tools and effects, and fully integrate Cinema 4D into your production pipeline.

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Character Object

Cinema 4D’s Character Object allows you to focus on the artistry of animation rather than complex rigging techniques. Quickly build a rig for any character, based on expertly-crafted preset templates for bipeds, quadrupeds, fish and more. Adjust rig components to the character’s dimensions, bind the skeleton to the model, and you’re ready to animate.

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Set keyframes simply by clicking the animation dot next to each parameter, or use automatic keyframing. Tweak your animation in the PowerSlider immediately below your 3D view or open multiple Timeline windows to adjust dopesheet timing and animation curves. Utilize Motion Tracks to group animations as clips and mix them in non-linear fashion. Cinema 4D’s fast animation system makes it easy to put things into motion.

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