Cinema 4D IN GAMES

It’s all Fun in Games

Cinema 4D offers a complete toolset for creating both environmental and character models, painting detailed textures and adding sophisticated character animation. Paint textures directly, apply Allegorithmic Substance procedural textures in both C4D and your game engine, or utilize Cinema 4D’s texture baking to convert procedural shaders to bitmaps.


FBX Support

Cinema 4D offers outstanding support for the FBX file format, used by virtually every game engine to import environments and animated characters. Store separate motions within the same file as individual C4D Takes, and they’ll be saved a separate clips within the FBX - ready to activate in your favorite game engine.

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Non Linear Animation

Use C4D’s Character object to simplify the rigging process for your game characters, and then stack and blend motions to create complex animations from simple clips. Create an entire library of character actions and apply them as needed.

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BodyPaint 3D

Paint detailed multi-channel textures directly on your game assets with BodyPaint 3D. Utilize the UV editor to unwrap models and paint directly in the 2D or 3D view. Add faces, tatoos and other details by pasting them directly onto the model as a temporary projection plane, or export the projection to Adobe Photoshop for further detailing and apply it back onto the model.

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