Cinema 4D与广告


With Cinema 4D’s fast and intuitive workflow, both you and your products will shine. With a flexible toolset, plenty of preset content, and complete integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you’ll be able to quickly generate great-looking concepts. Procedural objects and shaders make it easy to refine your ideas and react to client feedback. Cinema 4D is your creative partner, from inspiration to final image.



Cinema 4D’s procedural and polygonal modeling toolsets make it easy to create both realistic and abstract models. Start with splines and create extrusions, lathes or lofts. Draw, manipulate or sculpt polygons to create virtually any shape. Add deformers to adjust the mesh non-destructively, and create as many copies as you want with the Cloner object.

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Content Browser

Get your project started quickly with Cinema 4D’s extensive preset libraries, all easily accessible within the Content Browser. Create outstanding product visualizations with high quality and in some cases customizable models of everything from chip bags and soda cans to perfume and lotion bottles. With the Fold My Design preset you can even animate the assembly of die-cut packaging.

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Accurate Typography

Cinema 4D offers the ultimate workflow for 3D text. Choose fonts quickly from a drop-down showing a preview of each typeface. Adjust height, scaling, baseline, spacing and kerning interactively within the 3D view. Best of all everything is editable at all times for last minute client tweaks.