Webinar: Cineware for Illustrator

Discover how to enrich your 2D designs with 3D objects at our Webinar on June 5, 2018.

In our free Webinar, Cinema 4D specialist and designer Jonas Pilz will demonstrate how 2D designers and art directors can expand their workflow into the third dimension: with Cineware for Illustrator, 3D objects can be imported into Adobe Illustrator CC and edited, intuitively and without in-depth 3D skills. You can, for example, see what labels look like on packaging in 3D and make design changes directly within Illustrator! This Webinar is ideal for getting a quick start in 3D. Jonas will show you how to import 3D objects into Illustrator, add and edit textures, modify the scene's lighting mood and create a high-quality rendering.

Register here for the free German-language Webinar.

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