World Cup 2006 Arena Düsseldorf, Germany

bgp-design produced an animation of the new Arena Düsseldorf using Maxon Cinema 4D and received an Animago Award in 2003 for its work.

bgp-design, Stuttgart, used Cinema 4D to create an award-winning visualisation of the Multifunctional Düsseldorf Arena in Germany. The visualisation was made before the construction of the Arena. Bgp-design received an Animago Award in 2003 for its work.

The following elements had to be shown: the architecture and its surroundings, the different usages for sporting venues, convention and concert events as well as transportation connections using shuttle trains.

The project had to be completed within three months.

After filming had been completed, bgp-design created over 50 additional single image renderings with a resolution of up to 8,600 x 6,300 pixels for large scale reproduction.

In the end, a CDROM was created using Macromedia's Director. The entire film, selected images, QTVR's and a wealth of background information from the roject were united into one medium.

Film and images of the Düsseldorf Arena were used for the website and various television broadcasts and print publications.

bgp-design stuttgart
The offices of bgp-design offer product development, visualisation and trade show design. Bgp-design was founded as a traditional design studio with a strong engineering contingent and has evolved to a broad-based service provider. Success through professional design in the above mentioned fields is bgp-design's credo and the key to it's success.

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